What is Clubhouse Cadets ?

A safe, loving, respectful environment for infants and preschoolers to have the greatest opportunity to grow and develop. Such an environment should be the foundation of all childcare center programs, however, we believe it is an educator’s duty to go above and beyond, safety, love and respect. We as educators will strive to create an environment that is fulfilling, enriching and supporting of all possible learning and growing opportunities. We will go above and beyond other centers and strive to be the best teachers and caregivers for all our children and families.


Clubhouse Cadets Locations:

Baldwin Elementary Cadets #512-841-8971

12200 Meridian Park Blvd., Austin, TX  78739

Blackshear Elementary Cadets #512-841-4339

1712 E 12th St., Austin, TX  78702

Boone Elementary Cadets #512-841-5357

8101 Croftwood Dr., Austin, TX  78749

Casey Elementary Cadets #512-841-6954

9400 Texas Oaks Dr., Austin, TX  78748

Cowan Elementary Cadets #512-841-7611

2817 Kentish Dr., Austin, TX  78748

Dawson Elementary Cadets #512-695-3009

3001 S 1st St., Austin, TX  78704

Kiker Elementary Cadets # 512-841-3630

5913 La Crosse Ave., Austin, TX  78739

Kocurek Elementary Cadets #512-841-5317

9800 Curlew, Austin, TX  78748

OHenry Middle School Cadets #512-841-4490

2610 W 10th St., Austin, TX  78703

Perez Elementary Cadets #512-695-3009

7500 S Pleasant Valley Rd., Austin, TX  78744

Travis Heights Elementary Cadets #512-695-3009

2010 Alameda Dr., Austin, TX  78704

Zavala Elementary Cadets #512-841-4953

310 Robert Martinez Jr., Austin, TX  78702


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